Welcome to the student selection Interviewing Days 2023

First of all, we are happy to welcome you to the Interviewing Days 2023. On the following pages, you will be able to select students of interest. You can select as many students as you want. From the selected students, the algorithm will choose the eventual candidates. It might be possible that these students are not available. In that case, back up students will be contacted. On the 28th of April, you will receive the definitive list of applicants.


For any questions do not hesitate to contact us at 0402474999 or external@wervingsdagen.nl.

Because of the many subscriptions it can take a while for the next page to load. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.


The deadline for making this selection is April 21 23:59.

The selection process explained


It is possible to filter students based on their study.

Career profile

You can view the anonymous career profiles of the students and find more information about the student, such as previous studies, working experience and a final word.

Select students

You can select students for interviews (and, if applicable, cases, dinners or lunches). There is no maximum to the amount of students that can be selected.


As the final step, do not forget to press the submit button! You will receive a notification that the forms is succesfully submitted and your choices are saved.