At the major Industrial Engineering, the students get subjects on the field of Mathematics, Engineering and Integration (a combination of technical and business subjects). The master’s degree programs of Industrial Engineering are Operations Management and Logistics (OML) and Innovation Management (IM). Operations Management and Logistics is a multidisciplinary field that addresses the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations of an organisation. OML comprises disciplines such as product development, quality management, (supply chain) logistics, information systems, and human resource management.

Operations extend from the performance management of a group of design engineers to the precise prediction of production and delivery performance. The Innovation Management discipline studies the management of innovation processes. It contains quantitative and qualitative theories, tools and techniques to make businesses and entrepreneurs more innovative, as well as more successful in their innovation activities. Key aspects of the Innovation Management discipline are new product development, strategic marketing, sales and after-sales service management, business intelligence, open innovation, and entrepreneurship.