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Interviewing Days

Are you a student looking for career opportunities? The third and last event organized by Wervingsdagen are the Interviewing Days. The Interviewing Days presents students the ultimate opportunity to follow up on their connections made during the Career Expo. Students can have a conversation with companies they are interested in regarding a potential job. On top of that, the Interviewing Days are a great opportunity to talk with the recruiters and find out what makes a company tick on the inside. In order to make the whole selection process more objective students have to upload an anonymous resume. In order to set the right professional mood, the Interviewing Days will held at Pullman Hotel Eindhoven, which lies in the city center of Eindhoven.



During the Interviewing Days students can have interviews with one or two employees from companies of their choice. The duration of these talks are typically around 45 minutes. During the registration students can apply for an orienting as well as for an applying type of interview. Companies then invite students to an interview based on an anonymous resume and a short motivation letter.

Pooling Interviews

Next to the regular Interview, Wervingsdagen also offers an interview in a less formal setting combined with an activity: pooling! The company and the student will go to an external pooling location and together decide how to divide the 45 minutes.

Lunches and Dinners

If students subscribe to a company lunch or dinner, they can be invited to a luxury lunch or dinner together with seven other students and two employees for free! Because this setting is less formal than an interview, the lunches and dinners are more of a orienting nature. The lunches take place from 12:00 until 14:00. The dinners take place from 18:30 until 20:00 after which everyone is free to continue the conversations during the drink at the hotel bar.

Company Cases

The Company Cases are a new way of getting to know a company: by actually solving a problem the company throws at you! Every case will take 3 hours and will only be held once. By participating in a Case you will get a very hands-on look into what working at the company is like, and what knowledge from your studies you can apply.

Interviewing Days Guide

Have a look at this years guide to see what companies are participating, what studies they find most interesting, and more general information about what their company is like!

CV Check

If you would like to have some more advice about your CV, a free CV check is provided by Career academy at Energy forum (Metaforum floor one, across the library entrance).

For more information check: https://www.tue.nl/universiteit/community/career-academy/